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11 attributes of a good HOA board member

11 attributes of a good HOA board member

Dallas homeowners association is only as good as its board. When leadership is poor, tasks fall through the cracks or are completely overlooked.

When leadership is constantly squabbling among itself, little to nothing gets done. But how does one collect the right individuals to make a solid Dallas homeowners association board?

First off, recognize the importance of community. It is important to find these individuals within the community itself because they are the ones who help lead the direction of it.

There are many traits that make a good candidate for a Dallas homeowners association board member. Here are a few we at PMI Alliance have highlighted to help you in your search for the ultimate team of board members.


Selecting individuals who are honest is a key move in making sure you have a solid basis for your Dallas homeowners association board. Honest individuals can tell it like it is, which is often helpful for cultivating the best community you can. It is also very important to have honest people in charge of the financials in the HOA.


The ability to work well with others is an absolute must when working within and for a community. It is of utmost importance that all board members be willing to hear alternative ideas and be willing to make concessions for the betterment of the community.


Being able to rely on your board members is very helpful. Knowing that a job will get done in a timely manner or that they will always participate in meetings goes a long way to alleviate some unnecessary headaches.


When working as a large group, there are often many opinions at a table. When working toward the betterment of an entire community there are many unexpected problems and issues that can arise. It is best if board members are ready and willing to roll with the punches as needed and can adapt to unforeseen and changing circumstances.


Patience is a virtue, particularly when dealing with many community members. Not all interactions are as amicable as desired and may lead to a heated conversation. A fantastic board member is willing to deal with these tough situations in a calm manner. They are willing to listen to the complaints and make suggestions or take notes as needed.


As discussed just above, not all interactions that a board member may have within the community or even among each other are going to be easy. Some will be very contentious. It can be helpful for board members to have a thick skin and be able to brush off what may seem offensive to them.


When representing the community as a whole, fairness is a very important characteristic for a board member. Rather than thinking selfishly, it’s important to consider the greater good.


Assisting in running an entire community can be a daunting and difficult task. It is very important for a board member to have the ability to ask for help when it is needed. Being able to delegate smaller tasks to other individuals to ease the burden among everyone is a great trait to have.


In order to serve their community in the best way, a board member should be willing to be open and share with other members of the community. This does not mean that they have to divulge private information to others, it simply means they should be seen as a kind and receptive individual.


Though it is not quite the same as the workplace, an HOA board room is indeed very similar. Important decisions are made and tasks are assigned that must be completed in a sufficient and timely manner. Many individuals rely on the board to help them curate the best community experience possible and being able to handle such a job in a professional manner is very important.


A board member who is not dedicated or invested in their duties will be ineffective. It is a shame to have a slot on your board filled by an individual who is not willing to do their part to help the community succeed. Though it is not a job, it is a responsibility and a commitment that should be taken seriously.

PMI Alliance is dedicated to helping your community be the best it can be. Consider an HOA manager to assist you in selecting your board members and guiding you along the way to community greatness.