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5 ways to retain HOA board members

5 ways to retain HOA board members

Every HOA should recognize the value of its board members. These are the individuals who volunteer their time and skills to benefit their communities. They help the community they serve run smoothly and assist in the creation of a safe and enjoyable environment for all who live in the community. This is no small task and deserves to be celebrated in any way possible. At PMI Alliance, we know this well because we are well experienced at assisting any Dallas homeowners association with their needs. If you are running a Dallas homeowners association, take these easy steps to show that you appreciate all that your board members do.

Build relationships

Building personal relationships with board members is key to helping them feel heard and understood among the larger crowd of other board members. Consider setting up a coffee date between the HOA board president and each board member. This allows the president time to get to know each board member a little better. It also helps individuals board members feel appreciated and valued.

Host a dinner

Just as it is important for the president of a Dallas homeowners association to be familiar with individuals board members, it is likewise important that board members have the opportunity to hang out and get to know one another. Consider hosting an event to bring them all together such as a group lunch or dinner for them. You can have speakers come in and talk to the group and add in elements of education, but keep the purpose aimed at the board members themselves and foster fellowship between them.

Continued education

Being on a homeowners associated board may not be as intuitive as it first seemed and sometimes volunteering can end up being more than one expected. A little education can go a long way to help board members not feel overwhelmed. Whether that be a speaker presentation at an event such as a meal, or a simple hand out at meetings detailing the ins and outs of certain scenarios, these sorts of resources can be the saving grace that keeps your board members from experiencing burnout.

Acknowledge service completion

When a board member is done with their time of service, it goes a long way to acknowledge their job well done with a plaque or a gift certificate. A small token of appreciation such as this can lead to a happy ending and your former board member spreading good words about their time with the homeowners association as a board member. This assists in recruiting board members in the future.

Hire a property management company

When you hire a property management company to assist in the goings on of your Dallas homeowners association, you are investing in valuable resources for your entire board and all its members. A property management company can help take care of the more difficult details of running a community and help your board members from feeling burned out from doing too much.