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Common Condo Courtesy

Common Condo Courtesy

Neighbors. Almost all of us have them. And as with strangers, friends, acquaintances, and family, it is important to treat your neighbors with respect in order to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

This is even more crucial when you live in a condominium or apartment complex. The close proximity of living necessitates a higher level of mutual respect and a little bit more forethought on a tenant's behalf in order to keep the peace.

Not all neighbors are as courteous as they can be, but if you are willing and ready to take the higher road, these guidelines are a fantastic place to start.

Don’t clog up elevators while moving in or out. If at all possible, make plans to reserve the service elevator when moving in or out of a unit. This ensures the regular elevators remain clear for typical traffic and you can bet your new neighbors will be appreciative.

Don’t flick your cigarettes off the balcony. In fact, don’t throw or drop anything off of your balcony for that matter. Not only does this create trash for someone else to deal with and reduce the curb appeal of your building, it can also be very dangerous!

Be respectful at night. No one ever said you can’t have friends or family over, but do keep in mind that you have chosen to live in close proximity to many other individuals. Not everyone goes to sleep at the same time or even functions on the same schedule. Be mindful as it gets later. Turn the music or television down and avoid stomping around, especially if you have neighbors below.

Don’t let strangers into the building. This may feel awkward or be difficult at times, but you also don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who let a bad apple in! Kindly tell the visitor to notify their party that they have arrived and are ready to be let in. That way you can ensure the building stays safe.

There are so many ways to be thoughtful and considerate of your neighbors and your community when living in a condo or apartment. Please don’t stop at these four suggestions!

If you have problems with your neighbors, consider contacting your homeowners association if it cannot be easily resolved. A properly functioning HOA is capable of handling such conflicts. If they are not and you are part of an HOA in Dallas, maybe it is time to switch to PMI Alliance as your HOA management company! We can ensure a good experience for all members of a community, including conflict resolution.

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