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Why your community needs a HOA management company

Why your community needs a HOA management company

Hiring a company to assist in the management of your HOA may come with more benefits than you first realize. Besides the professional knowledge you will gain from hiring a property management company such as PMI Alliance, you will also find that the overall relations within your HOA may be bolstered when the stress and strain of maintaining your HOA is lifted. If you are an HOA in Dallas or the surrounding area, consider trading in the struggle for peace of mind.

1. Improved communication

It can be very difficult to keep an entire community in the loop about events and news within the neighborhood. A property management company can help you develop new ways to notify everyone, particularly through the use of new technologies such as community portals, which can include events and newsletters that can be found anytime a resident is seeking.

2. Better management of the property’s grounds

Management of property grounds is always very important and can sometimes be a source of much contention. Many communities are used to responsive maintenance, such as cleaning up after a big storm. But it's just as important to invest in preventive maintenance. A neighborhood that regularly conducts preventive maintenance will retain a high quality feel for years and years to come.

3. Support for financial matters

Collecting money is always a pain for HOA board members. When you hire a property management company to help with your community, you get access to their suite of technology that makes life easier. Utilizing online portals is now the preferred way to collect dues and fees if you are running an HOA. It's non-invasive and very simple for residents. It also helps the board keep a tally of who has and who has not yet paid.

4. Management of disputes in a fair manner

Conflict management can be difficult when trying to manage the needs and desires of a large group of individuals. Particularly in a scenario where you are all neighbors and see each other often. A property management company can take the heat out of the situation by helping resolve conflicts in a way that best serves everyone.

5. Strategies for long-term growth

One of the most priceless attributes of a professional company helping run your HOA is the level of inside industry knowledge you will gain. They have the tips, tricks and tactics to help grow your HOA both in the short and long term. By setting forth a plan of action that is based on many different communities and their collective knowledge, PMI can help your community become the best it can be.

If the weight of managing your HOA in-house is becoming too much for your community, or if you feel that your current property management company is not providing the services you need, turn to PMI Alliance for help. We can assist your HOA in getting back on track and take the pressure off of the community's shoulders. Get in touch today.