5 Amenities That Can Boost Your Dallas HOA Home Value

5 Amenities That Can Boost Your Dallas HOA Home Value

The amenities you offer are some of the most important factors when it comes to selling a property and the surrounding community. Renters and buyers are always looking for what they get in addition to a nice-looking home.

Something as simple as a public swimming pool will be seen as a big incentive for someone who likes to spend time in the sun. Free access to a public pool within walking distance of their home is great. It's even better if they don't have to maintain the pool themselves.

Here are five amenities that can boost your HOA home value in Dallas.

1. Outdoor Communal Assets

The first way to raise your HOA property value is by taking care of your public amenities such as your pool, sidewalks, parking garages, and laundry rooms. These are all major factors that renters look for in online listings.

Protecting these outdoor amenities is the job of HOA management. This often means scheduling maintenance and routinely inspecting them. HOA homeowners should also take care not to damage these assets.

2. A Fitness Center

Another popular amenity that renters look for is a fitness center or on-campus gymnasium. A gym close to home means that your tenants can work out at any time they want without worrying about the weather or feeling unsafe.

You usually want to fill out your fitness center with some of the basics, such as weights and treadmills. There are also online lists of the best home gym machines if you need specific suggestions.

3. Smart Home Technology

Integrated smart home technology is quickly becoming the norm in many households. You can connect various appliances such as lighting, thermostats, and your security system to an app. That app is then controlled through your phone from anywhere in the world.

At the very least, access to something like a security system will help raise the property value for HOA homeowners.

4. Community Clubhouse

A community clubhouse is a great way to provide various amenities for homeowners as well as give them a space to interact with one another. In most cases, it's up to the homeowners or renters to keep the space clean. The HOA should focus on maintenance and repairs.

5. Pet-Friendly Spaces

There is some debate over whether you should allow pets or not. If you decide to, then it would also help if you created pet-friendly spaces.

This most often takes the form of a dog park or fenced-in areas. Pet washing stations are another attractive amenity that will simultaneously help keep your indoor areas cleaner.

Upgrade Your HOA Home Value

Improving your HOA home value is essential if you want to bring new homeowners into your community. However, installing amenities isn't worth the cost if you fail to invest time and money into maintaining them.

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