5 Different Types of HOA Meetings to Know in Dallas, Texas

5 Different Types of HOA Meetings to Know in Dallas, Texas

In 2021, 29% of the US population lived within an HOA community. This means this part of the population was subject to rules, dues, and expectations of the HOA in their community.

One regular requirement of an HOA is the HOA meetings held to discuss community business. Most HOA communities are run by an HOA board, with bylaws and meeting rules.

If you live in an HOA community, you might be interested to know more about meetings for the community. Read on to learn more.

1. Board Meeting

The HOA board runs most homeowner associations. Once an HOA meeting agenda is set, then all members must get notified of the meeting.

Board meetings are generally open to any HOA member and require the board to notify the community in advance. Board business, including things like community maintenance, tracking community projects, and resolving conflicts, might be on the board meeting agenda.

2. Annual Meeting

Most HOA community regulations mandate an annual meeting for all members of the HOA. These meetings are held, as the name suggests, once a year. Usually, the community regulations dictate when the meeting needs to be held.

At the annual meeting, all community members can learn about things like:

  • Annual budget
  • Get new board members elected
  • Upcoming capital projects

If the HOA board has secured HOA community management services from a community manager, the annual meeting is also a good time to hear from them.

3. Closed Door Executive Session

There may be times periodically when the HOA board needs to meet privately without all members present. In this case, they'll hold a closed-door executive meeting. HOA board regulations often require the community to get notified of closed-door meetings.

A closed-door meeting means the board has to discuss confidential or sensitive information that not all community members need to know about.

4. Emergency Meeting

Another type of HOA meeting is an emergency meeting. As the name suggests, the board of directors might call an emergency meeting to discuss a community issue that couldn't wait until the annual meeting time.

If the community is facing a potential hardship or has suffered from an unexpected event, the board would want to discuss the course of action with community members.

5. Committee Meeting

Many HOA communities are huge and break down responsibilities for running the community into committees. You might, for example, have a social committee or special projects committee. These committees would meet to make forward progress and make decisions related to their purpose.

The committee may not have a board member that's part of it. In this case, the committee might have requirements to meet periodically just to update the board of directors on their activities.

Navigating Your HOA Meetings

HOA meetings are an essential part of managing and painting your community. It allows you to have a say in how the community is run and voice any concerns.

Are you part of an HOA or on an HOA board that's looking for management support? Learn more about our Dallas-based community management services and how we can help your HOA.