Best Breakfast Spots in Dallas (You Won’t Want to Miss!)

Best Breakfast Spots in Dallas (You Won’t Want to Miss!)
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Dallas is home to some of the most vibrant flavors and artisanal eats. There’s a delicious spot to try on just about every corner–it can feel impossible to choose!

If you’re running into analysis paralysis, or you’re looking for the perfect local spot to treat that special someone, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the time to research, taste, and list the best breakfast spots in Dallas.

Read on for our full list of eateries you won’t want to miss in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

1. Yolk

Simple is best–and the team at Yolk agrees. Yolk is the epitome of simple food done deliciously well, offering a wide array of comfort foods and artisan specialties. They’ve been a total hit in the Dallas and Burr Ridge area and have recently expanded to the East Coast, reaching as far east as Palm Beach, Florida.

It’s no surprise that the spot’s done so well. Their unique take on fresh, healthy, delicious, and FUN is a refreshing twist on your idea of a breakfast date out. While much of the menu centers around eggs and various egg-based combos, there are plenty of vegetarian options available as well–such as their vegetarian chilaquiles verde, crepes, and mouthwatering breakfast burritos.

You can also opt for their lunch menu and enjoy diner-style faves like their selection of burgers, melts, and Instagram-worthy sandwiches.

2. Original Market Diner

Looking for a new spot to take weekend mimosa breakfasts and girl’s or guy’s day out? Stop by the Original Market Diner in Dallas. Their menu offers fresh, near-unrivaled renditions of your favorite diner eats, including classics like the Belgian waffles, 10+ omelets on the menu, and weekly homemade luncheon specials. You can also enjoy a fully stocked espresso bar to get your morning jolt, making this a favorite spot to stop and sip before heading out for the weekend’s activities.

The diner takes inspiration from the 60s, offering lunch alternatives like the Blue Plate Special (1/4 baked chicken with potatoes, served Fridays) or their roast pork and dressing dish served hot and fresh on Tuesday. With their wide variety of traditional side dishes, you can truly mix and match whatever you’d like, which is part of this hidden gem’s appeal.

3. Bread Winner’s Cafe & Bakery

Lovers of bread and breakfast, rejoice! Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery is THE spot you’ll want to be at this weekend. This fun and fresh spot offers fresh-baked biscuits, rolls, and muffins that you won’t want to miss, as well as an extensive breakfast menu that’s perfect for your morning fuel-up.

You can choose to go healthy or all-out with your choices, as the restaurant offers favorites in both arenas. Artisan avocado toast, Croque Madame, and prime ribeye steak and eggs are just a few of the fan-favorite selections that you can enjoy. You can also do a build-your-own setup with any one of their done-to-perfection sides and pastries available.

Our favorite sips here include chai, espresso, Mexican hot chocolate, and Italian roast coffee. Close your eyes and welcome the weekend with your favorite drink in hand from Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery–we promise there’s no better way.

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