Best Ways to Celebrate Fall in Dallas, TX

Best Ways to Celebrate Fall in Dallas, TX
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One highlight of fall in Dallas? Moderating temperatures. Fall temperatures in Dallas, TX are usually in the 70s and 80s, perfect for being out and about.

With fall just around the corner, it is time for residents to start thinking about their favorite ways to celebrate the season … or perhaps find some new ones.

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Below, we’ve listed some of the best ways to celebrate the change of season in Dallas and have highlighted the most popular community attractions and experiences to savor over the next few months.

Read on for the complete list – and let us know what you’d add!

1. Make a Cozy Fall-Themed Candle at the Malibu Apothecary

There are few things that say “fall” better than a deliciously scented candle! The gentle flickering flame perfectly captures the cozy vibes that are so well-associated with fall – and it will make your house smell absolutely amazing. If you’re looking to get your craft on, the Malibu Apothecary is one of the best local spots to visit. Customers will be able to register for candlemaking workshops, making their own custom scented candles to enjoy all season long.

Classes are $55 per participant, which includes all the necessary candlemaking materials. You’ll also get complimentary drinks, snacks, and professional gift wrapping services, as well as a custom label design that perfectly captures your creative essence.

2. Sip a PSL at Ascension Craft Coffee

If you find yourself wandering the Arts District on a comfortable autumn day, be sure to step into Ascension Craft Coffee to grab a steaming hot pumpkin spice latte [PSL.] If pumpkin’s not your thing, there are plenty of other delicious treats to choose from! Their award-winning coffees are sourced ethically and responsibly, adhering to their farm-to-cup promise.

This community spot has a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options, making it the perfect choice for more sensitive customers. Their all-day breakfast menu offers delicacies such as egg and wagyu hash, lox & bagel slices, or artisan breakfast sandwiches that are sure to please. They also offer a variety of custom lattes (such as cardamom, mocha, and chai lattes) – but if you prefer other types of drinks, you can choose from their lists of cold brew, teas, specialty beverages, or handcrafted wines.

Celebrate the season at Ascension – there truly is something for everyone.

3. Shop Your Fall Wardrobe At Four Five Ten

Four Five Ten is a runway-worthy boutique located in the heart of Dallas. This favorite spot carries just about everything you need to revamp your fall wardrobe. Whether you’re shopping for your next pair of Penny Loafers or you’re on the hunt for that perfect fall coat, you’ll love the variety and unmistakable quality of each couture piece.

If you’re looking for something more affordable for your fall wardrobe update, you might also consider stopping by Favor the Kind – a shop that offers a more bohemian and natural take on your favorite fashion trends. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for earthen tones and a relaxed overall vibe to your daily ensemble, and it’s the perfect way to encapsulate your unique style by adding just a few signature pieces.

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