Good Places for Good Habits in Alliance

Good Places for Good Habits in Alliance
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Each year, New Year’s resolutions start just about the same way, don’t they? With great intentions, high expectations and a burst of motivation to remake ourselves in relation to our relationships, finances or health. But how do we keep this momentum rolling when the hype of the season is over and we are left trying to build a new routine into our lives?

Well, we’ve got some tips, or better yet, options, for you that may help you keep up your conquest for healthy living. And believe us, as the premier property management company in Dallas, TX, we know a thing or two about commitment. What bigger commitment is there than owning property?! Whether it be commercial property management, the purchase or sale of a home, or a single dwelling property that needs managing, PMI Alliance can help.

Homes can become a ball and chain or they can set you up for financial freedom, and just like that New Year’s resolution to get active, we’ve got the knowledge and tools you need to make sure you come out on the right end of the deal. Here are some simple tips that will help you enjoy getting fit.

Exercise in a Park

Some folks may be uncomfortable going to indoor gyms, which means that the great outdoors is an awesome option. Go for a bike ride, take a walk, or go for a jog in any of these awesome parks around Dallas.

  • Exall Park (1355 Adair St, Dallas, TX 75204)
    • Sports fields, a walking or jogging path and an indoor recreation facility.
  • Reverchon Park (3505 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219)
    • Tons of trails along both Turtle Creek and access to the Katy Trail.
  • Bachman Lake Park (3500 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220)
    • A 3-mile pave loop prime for biking, walking or running.

Join a Specialty Gym

Sometimes all it takes is falling in love with a new hobby to get you healthy. The gyms listed below aren’t your average fare. They will, however, help you gain new skills, a community and a fit body.

  • Summit Climbing (9201 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX 75243)
    • Take up a new sport at this climbing gym.
  • Cross Fit Deep (3030 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75226)
    • Cut through the nonsense by joining this gym.
  • City Yoga Dallas (4311 Belmont Ave, Dallas, TX 75204)
    • Pick up a hobby that is good for the body, soul and mind.

Make Some Accountability Partners

Nothing gets your bum off the Laz-E-Boy faster than a friend nagging at you, right? When you join a local recreational sports team, you’ve got a group of buddies relying on you and holding you accountable not only to the game but your own fitness.

  • Lone Star Sports and Social Club
    • Join up on a team of socially minded athletes in sports ranging from Basketball, Soccer, Kickball and Softball.

The trick with maintaining a New Year’s resolution is to set yourself up for success, much like when you enter the real estate game and choose PMI Alliance as your Dallas property manager. It’s a no-brainer to team up with a company that is dedicated to your success and has the knowledge and values to treat you, your property and your renters right. In the same way, you gotta gear up for the big life change you told yourself you needed!