Summer Essentials for Your Dallas Garden

Summer Essentials for Your Dallas Garden
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Can’t beat the heat in Dallas? Just because temperatures are on the rise doesn’t mean that your garden plans have to be foiled. In fact, there are some drought-hardy plants that do exceptionally well in the summer. Seasonally grown veggies and fruits make wonderful additions to salads and meals and can be aesthetically pleasing to grow as well. Read on to find out some of the best things to plant on-site at your investment property to instantly enhance the renter experience.

What to grow in Dallas in the summer

If you’re looking to plant a Dallas summer garden at your Texas investment property, you’ll want to be sure that anything you plant is in compliance with HOA standards. Generally, this will mean a compact or regulation-friendly plant footprint and spread, and also additions that won’t easily become susceptible to browning or unsightly growth. While certain vegetables are known for spreading (think summer favorites like watermelon,) there are alternatives that you can enjoy without the risk and inconvenience that can come from uncontrolled or out-of-season growth. Below are just a few favorites that are in season and perfect to grow at your Dallas property:


Okra is an often-overlooked southern summer classic that can be a fantastic addition to any meal. Best known as a stewed side dish or a fried delicacy, these little garden gems are easy to grow and nearly impossible to kill. Their footprint is also relatively small compared to other types of garden-based additions, making this the perfect plan to grow for those dealing with smaller spaces and more restrictive constraints when it comes to gardening in an HOA. The plant also offers beautiful visuals as it grows and matures, budding and ripening with cream and purple star-shaped blooms that you can enjoy in the off- or growing seasons.
Okra isn’t hard to find in the South. If you want to enjoy the experience of growing plants from seeds and harvesting them heirloom-style from already-matured okra, you can pick up your next batch from Hardee’s Direct in Dallas. It’s a smart (and tasty) way to plant your summer garden!

Sweet Potatoes

Don’t overlook the value of sweet potatoes in your Texas summer garden! These are delicious, healthier, and more carb-smart alternatives to traditional potatoes and can still be used in all of your favorite summer dishes. Your renter will appreciate being able to go out and harvest vitamin-packed sweet potatoes right beyond their doorstep, and you’ll enjoy the conservative footprint they use as they grow. The local Westlake ACE Hardware is a great resource to use if you’re looking to deck out your gardening summer essentials kit.


Nothing says summer like the sweet, crisp crunch of a cucumber…especially in dill and vinegar cucumber salad, or delicate cucumber sandwiches. These versatile, hardy vegetables are a part of the melon family and thrive in the more warm and humid months of summer in the South. If you’re looking to cut down the overall spread in your Dallas property, you can consider using trellises to capture any climbing tendrils that could intertwine themselves with your other garden veggies. Finding seeds for sweet cucumbers and other Texas garden favorites is easy thanks to the quality nurseries and garden centers in Dallas. Looking for delivery for an easy planting experience? Spring Creek Gardens offers a five-star delivery experience to get your seeds and plants in a snap. If you’re looking for organic seed options and materials, The Natural Gardner is a great choice—conveniently located in Dallas, Texas.

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