The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

If you live in one of the 20,000 HOAs in Texas, you may wonder why your community isn't giving you all of the perks you envisioned when you bought your property.

The quality of a home owners association is dependent on its leadership. Most communities have an HOA board of directors that dictates how a community operates. Most of these boards are ill-equipped to run a large-scale community.

The best solution is to hire an association manager when this is the case. Today, we'll explain the roles and responsibilities of an HOA manager, so keep reading and learn how an injection of competence and professionalism can help your HOA.

Governance and Compliance

All HOAs are ruled by governing documents. These are the rules and regulations that all homeowners must abide by when they join the community. Common points covered in governing documents include rules about allowing pets, HOA rentals, quiet hours, and property aesthetics.

Trying to govern dozens of homeowners with a set of rules isn't always easy. Your HOA leadership may try to keep bad actors in line, but it can create a disagreeable power dynamic between neighbors. If bad actors go unpunished, however, you won't have a very harmonious community.

An HOA management company acts as an independent third party. They'll have zero qualms with issuing penalties to rule breakers and diffusing conflicts between homeowners to maintain a positive HOA environment.

HOA Accounting

For an HOA to be successful, it has to be good with money. All homeowners are required to pay monthly HOA dues. These dues are pooled together to pay for everything that the community needs.

Accounting responsibilities fall to the HOA treasurer. They're tasked with fee collection, bookkeeping, and budgeting for the entire community. The problem for most communities lies in the fact that most treasurers don't have experience managing large sums of money.

HOA management comes with experienced accountants on staff. These people can make sure the community's money is being spent wisely. The result of good money management is a well-kept community with high property values and low HOA dues.

Property Maintenance Duties

One of the ways that your community can maximize property values is with regular maintenance. In an HOA, community maintenance comes down to vendor coordination. If your board isn't good at managing local vendor contracts and schedules, the community may fall into disrepair.

HOA management services also have built-in vendor relationships. With years of experience working with local contractors, anything your community needs will be a call away. Common HOA vendors include garbage collection, landscaping, and security, among other things.

Get the Best Association Manager in Dallas

As you can see, association management can handle anything your HOA throws at it. If you're going to go down this route for your HOA, you'd better find the best association manager in Dallas.

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